Maintenance Corner

Maintenance crew & MPPOA President are warning all residents to drive with caution and to make sure all vehicles are off the sides of the road to help our maintenance crew treat the black ice and clear the snow. They are working hard to salt, cinder and sand all roads to the best of their ability. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

For the homes whom have trash pickup. If it is calling for snow and its on your trash day they have asked to please keep your trash cans away from the 5 foot easement so that they do not plow it over. They don't want to damage your cans or cause trash to go over road. Once they have plowed your road you could move the trash can to area where you normally place it. The Maintenance crew thanks you in advance.

  • The maintenance director and crew would like to advise that they will continue working on the major road repair's when weather conditions are favorable and throughout the spring.

  • They will begin by evaluating roads, and determining which ones need to be repaired. We ask for your patience as they become more familiar with the roads in the development. Please fill out a "Issue suggestion form" and or fill out a "Maintenance request form" if you have any concerns or suggestions. Both forms can be found on the "documents & forms area"

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