Information Needed: New School Bus Stop

Our association is considering providing a new school bus stop. As we all know, there are safety, traffic and parking issues at the school bus stops at Hiawatha, Minisink and Lakawanna. There is no shoulder for cars to park and wait with their children causing some traffic issues and also distracting drivers who are pulling onto Old Stage road. This also hinders snow plowing in the winter for our maintenance crew.

When school starts, our security will be present in the mornings to alleviate any safety concerns.

MPPOA requests our members to provide information regarding how many children they usually drop off at our school bus stops. Please click on a signup button below.

Your information will help us to assess the morning traffic issues, provide additional safety for our children and resolve any parking issues. It will be taken to the school district for a new bus stop approval.

Also, please contact our school district as well regarding a single bus stop in the gravel parking lot across from the clubhouse for those roads. Your voice matters!

We appreciate your cooperation. Thank you.

School bus law

You are required to stop when a bus stops in front or beside you begins to come to a stop. You are required to remain at a stop until the bus has pulled off ahead and begin driving.

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