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Golf Carts Rules and Regulations

Golf Carts are allowed to be driven on MPPOA property.

The following regulations MUST be followed:

  • Must be “Member in Good Standing” or “Limited Member in Good Standing”.

  • All State Laws MUST be followed. It is your responsibility to know them. •

  • Yearly Registration Fee: $25.00

  • Proof of Liability Insurance must be provided, maintained and carried with vehicle at all times. Owners of golf carts are responsible for all Fines issued and take responsibility for all liability.

  • Must buy Flag and Sticker from MPPOA Office. Flag: TBD Sticker: TBD

  • Speed Limit: 15 mph. All Stop Signs must be obeyed.

  • Age: 12-17 yr. old must be accompanied by an adult. The parent or guardian of a minor, less than 18 yrs. of age, must accept and sign a mandatory Acceptance of Responsibility Form. No minor may drive a golf cart after dark.

  • No more passengers than the seats provided may ride in the golf cart.

  • Golf carts must maintain satisfactory headlights and tail lights.

  • Must park golf carts in designated parking areas when on the common grounds.

  • Violators are subject to fines from $100.00+cost to $1000.00+cost and/or will be banned from Mt. Pocahontas roads

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