Board Of Directors 

President                                   Mike Kath

Vice President                             James O’Connor

Secretary                                   Tatiana Mikhailenko

Security Director                         Alan Ingrassia

Treasurer                                   Sarah Demko

Aquatics Director                         Eileen Slack 

Activities Director                        Ellen Cuffari

Director at Large                         Richard Krajewski

Director  Board seat available. Please submit your resume.

Activities Committee

Eileen Slack - Events Coordinator

Dawn Chelnik

Janet Kath

Tiffany Kath

Valerie Vazquez

2021 Open Board Meetings Schedule

Important Information:

Per the President of the Board:

If any member of Mt. Pocahontas would like to do a "walk through" of the clubhouse please contact the office to schedule a date and time.

We are looking for volunteers to join committees. 

Examples of that are activities, roads, etc. 

Please fill out an application and send it in today!