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Dear Members of MPPOA,

The MPPOA Board of Directors was informed Sunday night, February 12th that our employees have sought to unionize. Our former president was informed late Friday afternoon, February 11th. Monday morning, February 13th Mike Kath submitted his resignation. We called for an emergency meeting and all, but one BOD member showed up. A new meeting has been scheduled and all BOD members have confirmed they will be attending. We have been in contact with our HOA attorney about the unionizing of our employees and we are doing our research to see what needs to be done from our end. We will call a meeting with the membership once we know more. It is not that we are trying to be secretive or keep you out of the loop in any way. We are just trying to make sure we cover all our bases and do things lawfully and in accordance with the bylaws. There is nothing in the bylaws about employees unionizing so yes, we must seek legal advice from our HOA attorney and do the research necessary. These posts on Facebook could be detrimental to our HOA. Please allow us the time to gather all the facts before you go tearing us down for trying to do our jobs.


The MPPOA Board of Directors

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