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The current Board of Directors and their terms

The current Board of Directors and their terms are listed below:

Name: Term Expire

Alan Ingrassia July 2021

Mike Kath July 2022

Tatiana Mikhailenko July 2022

James O'Connor July 2022

Tom Wrenn July 2023

Eileen Slack July 2023

Joshua Chelnik July 2023

Article 3 of the Bylaws of MPPOA provides that the Association shall be governed by a Board of Directors nine (9) in number. Of the current seven (7) members, five (5) have been appointed within the last 12 months.

Although the Bylaws provide that there shall be nine (9) Directors, the Bylaws further provide that the term of a Director shall be three (3) years. The Bylaws do not provide for staggered terms so that three (3) Director positions would expire at each annual meeting.

At the annual meeting of July 13, 2019, the Motion was made and seconded to reelect the entire Board of nine (9) members. Since each term is three (3) years, that would mean that each of those 9 members would sit for the term from July 2019 to July 2022. The Board wants to correct what we believe is a problem which will continue until corrected.

The current Board wishes to reorganize so that there are three (3) Board positions which would expire each year. In doing so, the Board will then have three (3) positions which will be up for

election at the annual meeting in July of 2021. This is what the Board believes will correct the failure of past Boards to address this dilemma.

The Board intends to present a Bylaw amendment at the 2021 annual membership meeting to clarify that three (3) Board positions will be open annually.

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